Amref Health Africa

Amref Africa Health promotes health projects in remote areas of Africa. 60 years after its founding, Amref today is the largest health organization operating in the African continent: the second most populous continent in the world is the most backward in terms of health. The protection of mothers and children, combating endemic diseases and pandemics, access to clean water, the training of local health workers, the strengthening of public health services are essential steps to make healthy Africa.
As always, for Amref, health born within local communities. It is through the active participation of the populations, the local staff and public health systems that are realized long-term improvements. Why the agents of change are the beneficiaries of the interventions themselves, and 97% of staff working with AMREF in Africa it is African. Why are Africans, every day, to take care of Africa.
Amref today operates in 26 countries in sub-Saharan Africa with 172 projects of health promotion. Through health centers and mobile units providing medical care to rural and nomadic populations. Care operators Amref arrive even where no one can go, in extremely remote and rural areas, thanks to the Flying Doctors, “Flying Doctors” that bring medical assistance and training aboard small planes equipped as mobile units. Amref brings out African solutions to African problems, solutions that come from within, from the heart of the community, who are the protagonists, and not just the beneficiaries of the projects.
The international network Amref, as well as in Africa, is active in Europe, the United States and Canada, across 12 locations. AMREF is present in Italy since 1987, to promote the right to health of Africans and fight inequalities, strong roots and experience in Africa, but with an eye also to the Italian situation, aware that, in an open and globalized world , needs and rights do not stop before a geographical border.

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